Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Getting to Know: M∙A∙C Cosmetics


Famous for:
backstage makeup, Viva Glam lip products, vibrant colors, lipglass, high-quality brushes, pigments

Lines and Price Points:
Regular line (for the public) and Pro line (for registered makeup artists only)
Makeup ranges vary from NC to NW with different numbers given to each color from a 15 up to a 55

Eyes -- palettes, primers, shadow, mascara, liners, brows, faux lashes
Lips -- primers, bags/sets, lip care, lipstick, lipglass, lip pencils
Face -- primer, foundation, powder, concealer, cheeks
Skincare -- removers, moisturizers, fixers
Brushes -- face, eye, lip, sets
Nails -- laquer, overlaquer, underlaquer
Accessories and Cases

Innumerable YouTube channels are dedicated to the wonders and versatility of MAC's products.

MAC is most well known for the variety of skintones covered by their face makeup as well as the vibrancy and pigmentation of their color cosmetics.

They have formulations to match every fan (cream, liquid, powders) and range the gamut of newbie or everyday makeup fan to experienceed backstage and theatrical user and/or artist.

MAC's brushes are legendary, long-lasting, and versatile (as are most of their products).

MAC's pigments are one of the landmark versatile products. Powdered pigments are used in a variety of ways, ranging from eyeshadow to lipgloss, and even mixed with some of their fixers and foundations to add glamourous shimmer and glow to the skin.

MAC is also very well known for their special edition product launches at various times throughout the calendar year. Sometimes these launches include lesser quality brushes that, unlike the usual high-quality brushes they sell, are not handmade. These special editions also include discontinued colors or re-issued colors, as well as brand new, never before seen colors in a variety of products, to go along each launch's theme.

Their Viva Glam campaign is spearheaded by a new celebrity and aims at supporting the MAC Aids Fund--100% of Viva Glam purchase revenue is sent to the charity.

Products Owned/Tried:
Select SPF 15 Foundation (liquid) in NW15
Select Sheer pressed powder in NW15
Blotting powder in medium
Powder blush in melba (Thank you to Tony @ Oakbrook MAC!!) and in mocha
Plush lash mascara in brownette
Eye pencil coffee
Eye kohl phone number
Brushes: 129, 163, 217, 219, 263, 266
Paint pots: greenstroke, groundwork, rubenesque, bare study, fresco rose
Fluidline: dipdown and ultraviolet
Eyeshadows: graphology, folie, shale, green smoke, all that glitters, arena, rice paper, neutral pink, soba
Clear lip glass
Viva Glam 3 Cool Lips palette
Lipstick: jubilee, sophisto, hot tahiti
Lip glass: ample pink
Lip laquer: fanplastico
3D glass: boundless
Creme stick lip liner: beurre
Lip pencil: burgundy
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