Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hobbit Hair

For those of you who don't know what a Hobbit is, a Hobbit is one of the creatures from the Lord of the Rings books/movies. According to a Tolkien fan page I found, the describption of a Hobbit is: about half the size of a human, they have no beards but do have thick brown hair on their feet which grow thick natural skin that acts as soles so they wear no shoes, and they usually have thick wavy or curly hair on their heads in brown or black.

Since LotR fans really take their alternate universe extremely seriously, there's a million resources on and about the LotR looks.

Image borrowed from Yum Sugar

I've decided I've been a closeted Hobbit hair fan all along, since I saw the first movie. I like the natural wavyness and cool behind-the-ear-tuck look of it.

It looks like wash and wear at its best. Or second day hair at its best. I enjoy the natural texture, however light or intense it might be. It probably requires very light creme hair products to just give it that unkempt-minimally styled look.

Love everything about it.

I'm hoping my hair keeps growing out as it's been, since the last nasty chop I suffered at my last hairdresser. I've found an Ouidad certified salon where I went to touch up my highlights and toner, and I'm sure I'll be able to trust them to do a good job...whenever that next haircut might happen. Blame it on the economy, or blame it on the bossa nova, I'm going Hobbit for a while ;)

If you have a wavy or curly texture to your hair, scrunch a product appropriate to your texture and allow your hair to air dry, or give it a light once-over with a diffuser-tipped hair dryer. The curly texture can be enhanced, of course, using a variety of styling tools ranging from hot rollers to curling iron. A final mist of medium-hold spray can help keep things where they should be, particularly the bangs, whisps around the ears, and crown area if you like a little more volume.
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