Friday, April 10, 2009

Wavy Hair Spray Products

I have been using my trusty Kerastase Oleo Curl fine hair mist (100ml $34USD) with good results, but because I need to use so much of it on my wet, toweled-dry's so expensive at such a small size (no additional sizes available AT ALL in the US market). Needless to say, I've been test driving other products that I could foreseeably replace this with.

One of the leading players right now is Frederic Fekkai Lucious Curls wave spray (8z $20USD). I find that this product works the best on day-old/unwashed hair with some product already in, and that just needs refreshing. However, the medium hold creates some dryness in my now, highlighted hair...particularly if used on wet hair. This is something which I don't like. I've had to take a few extra minutes to apply additional scrunching and light finger-combing to create waves that hold but without the (very light) crunchiness. In addition the application of a curl creme to the ends of the hair does wonders to prevent the little crispiness.

The price beats the Kerastase, but it's not my golden ticket. None of the other products have been as conducive to my hair's waviness, as the Kerastase has been. They've been either too silliconey or not heavy enough to hold the curl. It's very tricky finding wavy/curly hair products for fine hair.
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