Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Care Update

I've increased my intake of hemp protein/fiber powder and flax seed oil, to help support the body's need for suppleness and nutrients during the harsher winter weather. The oil particularly, has allowed me healthy nails and hair for the past several months, with marked change in length of my hair -- it's almost as long as I wanted it by year's end!

Another thing I am doing is, in the evenings, I'm washing my face twice, and one of these two times it's using a soft facial brush. This helps clean the pores and eliminate some dry flakes and other items that need to be flushed out. Gentle care is always important when using mechanical exfoliation, so I would either use my usual cleanser with the soft brush or else, just use a gentle scrub on its own. Too much makes skin overreact.

I've also switched to the Boots facial moisturizer in an attempt at finishing it up. It's a great, light moisturizer that penetrates well without a greasy feeling. It's great for sensitive skin because of a lack of aroma or color.

Best wishes for great skin over this holiday season!
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