Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Note on Therapeutic Massage

I've been fan of hot stone massage for several years. My interest began with my first hot stone massage the year my company took me to Philadelphia to work at the annual conference (2004?). My grandmother was leaving us (she had come to visit) that same day hours after I landed at Philly. I was kinda sad and worse...preparing for arduous, very long hours of walking throughout a huge conference center, smiling, and making small talk--all while coordinating several tracks, speakers, sessions, track chairs, a focus group, an editorial board meeting, etc...

The hotel had a spa and I indulged in a hot stone massage. I felt that the combination of river stones (water, nature) and the heat (warm up chilly bones, soften tight muscles) would be the perfect recipe for healing -- which it was. Ever since then I've tried to organize a birthday massage.

Today however, was sort of an emergency, and I decided to forgo trusty old hot stones, for an actual therapeutic and personalized massage. Yesterday afternoon I booked with Massage Envy, a chain of massage clinics that have opened throughout the Western Suburbs of Chicagoland.

I was very pleased, and even more when the therapist showed exceptional understanding of my tight spots and special pressure point techniques to help alleviate them. I also was surprised at how much leftover damage was left on my poor old muscles, after the bad spill I took about a week ago (was it week and a half?) on black ice on the front steps.

I've acquired a gift certificate for a discounted massage for the significant-other unit, as well as signed myself up for a year long subscription. It saves on the massages and assures I can get some therapy.

Ever since I reduced my hair care costs (no more highlights, 12-20 week haircuts) I believe I can leverage those savings into this therapeutic health splurge that can help me correct some of the stress and tension in my life.

Check out the clinic I mentioned above, or research the certification and years of experience at the therapists at your preferred salon and's important to assure the therapists know what they're doing because you can get some nasty bruises and aggravate preexisting conditions--in a worst case scenario only, of course.
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