Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beauty Find: Stila Convertible Eye Color

On my visit to Ulta this week, I happened to find a new product I hadn't noticed in the Stila Line.

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The Convertible Eye Color wand is actually an eyeliner, smudger, and eyeshadow all in one very slim, portable tool. Can you say: travel made easy?

I got the Clove, because I thought it was just an eye pencil and smudger, and it was a nice brown. Well, surprise when I accidentally twisted the wand and discovered the eyeshadow portion: a gorgeous amber that I LOVE.

I put it on today to try out, and not only has the color stayed on (it seemed to me like a cream to powder application), but the eyeliner is still on at 2:30 pm and there has been ZERO irritation, itching, tickling, or just plain weeping-eye syndrome. I'm actually amazed. Seriously.

I am so all over this for my upcoming business trip to San Diego at the end of the month. No more bulky eye makeup tag-alongs! Whooo! Just add some crimped lashes and good mascara and you're all set for gorgeous eyes.
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