Friday, April 15, 2011

New Trend: Crystal Pavé Beads

With the emergence of Pandora and other similar tchotchke-style bracelet and jewelry trends, there's been a return to classics like crystal pavé beads in bracelets and earrings.

I've now come across a number of these little beads in "custom" jewelry pieces at expensive and not-so-expensive stores.

At Naperville's Twist boutique, I got a great adjustable bracelet as a birthday gift. It's black threading to look like leather, featuring large crystal-pavé beads interwoven in the threading, and features gold beads at the end. I decided to look this bracelet up online, and amazingly, found it on It's called the Celeste Goldtone Clear Crystal Beaded Black Cord Macrame Bracelet -- it's a mouthful, but it has great presence for dressing up tomboy casuals such as cargo pants and Pumas for the weekend. It's a spunky look.

There's also more classic styles, such as mini pavé encrustments in earrings that make it more of an evening look. Some of the dangle-y earrings would look great for a date or Saturday night.

Check out this new trend and see if it can work for and with your wardrobe.
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