Saturday, August 27, 2011

Learn: Lush Handmade Cosmetics

I first learned about Lush (Handmade Cosmetics) products in 2008. I was fascinated by the "slice off a chunk" mentality, and their promise that these were 100% natural--notwithstanding the odd colors!

I faintly remembered running across one of their stores somewhere in downtown Chicago at one time, and being fascinated by the amount of aromas emanating out of their door. But I never dared go in, because of the incredible amounts of women--and some guys--inside chatting and discussing the products with the employees.

Until that point, I was under the impression they only made funny-colored bars of soap that you chopped off and took home a chunk. So I rushed online to check out their website, and learn a little more about their products.

I found out they have a great sense of humor in both how they name and describe their products, and how they present themselves. They used language in a sort of way like a funny, hipster hippie aunt might talk.

At the time, mid-January (BRR) I found that there was a deal, if you bought three items, you'd get a tin box to keep one of the "chunks" so it won't melt in the shower. So I found three items that I thought would make sense for me, to help recover from a frigid Chicagoland winter:

  • You Snap the Whip body butter. It's black! It should, as it's blackcurrant and charcoal.  
  • King of Skin body butter. Bananas. MMM. Need I say more?
  • Aromaco deodorant. Witch hazel, and erm...vegan?
When the package came, their branding and tone was exactly as it had been on their website. These guys are fun!

The little packages were unwrapped and removed from the box they came in. But now what? I was completely thrown off! How the heck do you use these little chunks of alleged joy?

So back on the website I went, and I checked out several other websites as well. Apparently, their body butter bars are meant to slowly melt with your body's heat. You're supposed to then apply some of the product on your skin and then melt it in further by rubbing and massaging it. 

All around, the product I liked the best was the shower body butter You Snap the Whip. I kept it near the shower in a zip lock bag so it wouldn't melt with the hot, humid shower and so that it wouldn't melt with the water. These products do require you to do a little thinking ahead to make sure they last as long as you can keep them.

Doing some research for this blog post, I found out that Lush now has YouTube videos to help explain their products. They have one of their staff members, with amazing personalities of course, discuss their favorite Lush product.

This past week I received a mailed catalog from Lush. Out of the blue! So it refreshed my interest in their products a little. However, the more I perused their catalog, the more I felt these products were really expensive. I mean, $18 to $25 for 1.5 ounces of product is pretty doggone expensive. I typically only spend a lot of moolah on skincare products when it comes to glycolic acid product for my face! 

However, from the catalog, it looks like that they've 1) expanded their product line, and 2) adopted a more portion-minded approach in their products. The majority of little "chunks" that I remember have now become lovely-shaped sizes--kind of how chocolates sometimes come in fancy shapes. I really like shaped products a ton better than just sliced chunks!

But, again, they totally market their products in such a delicious way you pretty much cave in and go for them, because you want to be a part of their amazing world of luscious aromas and body butters. It's incredibly tempting. And you can't beat a company that prides itself in making products by hand and with all natural ingredients.

To learn more about Lush, you can check out any of their country-specific websites or their YouTube channel.

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