Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Growing Betsey Johnson Collection

I've decided to start updating on my Bestey Johnson stash :o) Yesterday I had the opportunity to treat myself to three new earrings, and I couldn't be happier. Her stuff is like candy. I can't get enough.

But I take tons of time to pick out the items that I know I'll love and can wear in a multitude of situations (work, parties, after-work, everyday, etc.). I love her quirkiness, the good quality (nothing has lost its coating/lustre yet!), and the individualism these pieces bring to your wardrobe.

Without further ado, here's my collection:
  • Skull rose drop earrings and matching necklace [Von Maur] - This was my first purchase. The similarity with Mexico's folkloric art and the Day of the Dead motif were impossible to pass by.

  • Snowflake flower stud [Macy's] - these are one of my latest acquisitions. Gorgeous in winter.

  • Crystal accent apple studs [Macy's] - these are fun. I love to wear these with a two-tone gradient red scarf in a turtleneck arrangement.

  • Rose stud [Macy's] - I'm semi-obsessed with this particular design, as I have coral drop downs, two faux ones (coral and turquoise) from Francesca's, and then this version as well.

  • Silver tone rose stud [Macy's] - this is part of my rose semi-obsession.

  • Flower drop down earrings, in silver tone [Macy's] - these are lovely for work. One of my latest acquisitions.

  • Rose drop down, gold tone [Macy's] - these I couldn't find a picture for online. The lever-back design makes these among my favorites to wear to work when I have a large scarf to keep me warm as they don't fall out or poke the back of my ears.
I think I may try to get the drop down rose, next! :o)
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