Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fave Nails This Summer

This summer has been an interesting one for nail colors. By perusing toes and nails out and about, I can't help but get a strong feeling that usually seasonal colors are now brought out and enjoyed no matter the season.

I am particularly enjoying the carefree individualism of the ring finger in a different color than the other four fingers. On and off, I've been painting my pinky of thumb nail a different color since 1998.  I also enjoy ombre nails, where fingertips go from lighter to darker/brighter in a color family.

From year to year, summertime sees me drawn to corals and mangoes, or any variety of shimmery and opalescent whites. But this year it has been different.

On a "healthy nail and circulation" kick, I've mostly just filed (in one direction!) my nails slightly oval and left them au naturel--perhaps with a coat of Sally Hansen's Double Duty (one of the few products that doesn't peel, or chip, off my nails). Sometimes I'll push my cuticles back with a tool or a pointy cotton-tip (I no longer use cuticle sticks).

On occasion, usually for work or just for that "extra girly" feeling, I'll try a nice neutral pink or peach. I actually have a good variety of these two colors, both in creme and metallic finishes.

One of my concerns with nail polishes are the chemicals used in even the "healthier" versions, and the fact that my nails need breathing room else they turn funny. Darker colors also stain my nails for quite a few months after use, so that's another concern.

On the simpler side of things, few things feel quite as nice as a cuticle oil and hand cream massage. It's rather quick and effective no matter the season. Even if my nails aren't in tip-top shape, the tactile joy of such a simple pleasure makes for a great bad day pick me up. The light rubbing of cuticles helps with circulation, oxygenation, cuticle health, and nail growth.

In an attempt to think outside the nail color box and use up some of my nail color collection, I recently peeked in and realized that many of my nail colors could be complementary to each other. The brighter ones could go on toes and the lighter ones on fingertips. Else, the brighter color can go on that "fourth" finger while the lighter color on the four other fingers. Another option is to go the ombre way, and use a variety.

Today I finally had an hour or so free, so I applied Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle nail color in Beautiful Berry (bright berry) on my toes and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in So Much Fawn (dusty rose). Both these colors come with wider application brushes, which makes application a little easier for a putz like me.

I like being able to change my look or mood with something as trivial as what nail color (if any) I go for. It's the simple things on hot summers that make for fun. :o)
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