Friday, September 7, 2012

Alarming Eye Products

I recently visited my local Macy's Clinique counter. I was trying to get a refill of my City Block 25 and wanted to get some eyeshadows to act as highlighters.

Their eyeshadows are very light, not much color payoff nor staying power, and very shimmery. They make the perfect brow and inner eye highlighter products to go along with any eye look. I ended up getting the Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo in Twice the Spice--a pinkish peach color and a pinkish tan brown color.

I had been in a hurry and didn't wear makeup on this particular visit. The nice attendant told me about a new eye product that could help dark under-eye circles, called NEW Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector. I tried some on my right hand. I'm always open to trying under-eye circle products because 1) I have serious ones, and 2) I am running out of my trusty Clarins Eye Contour Cream.

The Clinique Dark Circle Corrector seems to have some silicone because it was very silky, it also had a highlighting type of peachy-pink hue to it, and a lot of shimmer. This product is obviously a type of eye brightener.

I can't wear silicone, so this was an immediate no. I also don't like colored skincare products, so this was another no. Finally, the shimmer was rather chunky until well blended--I don't like chunky and having to rub my delicate eye area--so that was another no.

My choice of eye products tend to be extremely gentle, un-tinted, and non-shimmery/sparkly. I like to keep any shimmer to my eye color--which can quickly be swiped away with a tissue if I find it irritating during the day. I've learned through expensive (skin-wise and cost-wise) trial and error that rich creamy eye products or silicone cause breakouts and suffocate my skin, and that too-light products are liquidy and get inside the eye and cause weeping and sensitivity.

I used to think that Clinique was the go-to brand for sensitive, suffering skin but have learned in recent years that they've expanded their product lines to an extent that it is no longer so. At least for me.
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