Monday, September 17, 2012

Discovering New YouTube Beauty Channels

Over the weekend I had one of the worst colds in recent history. So, since I wasn't able to feel girly or nice, nor leave my bed, I ended up watching others who specialize in making gals feel girly and nice: YouTube channel makeup specialists.

My long-running obsession with YouTube "beauty gurus"began in June-July of 2007. Although I sometimes drop off some old ones and add new ones, I have a core of trusted sources to go to for anything ranging from hairstyle advice to skincare and eye shadow blending.

My most recent discoveries happened on Saturday, and I really want to share these with you:

  • GossMakeupArtist - Wayne is an early-thirties makeup professional in South Wales, UK. He has an amazing knack for highlighting, contouring, and blending the facial structure to make the best of what you've got. He is a great resource for reviews on a variety of products ranging from the most expensive to drugstore brands. Wayne has experienced severe acne in his early 20s and has reactive skin, so it's a treat listening to his advice and tricks and tips. I actually went out and bought benzoil peroxide after listening to his thoughts on the subject, recorded on his acne and clogged pores tricks and tips videos. Plus his girlfriend, who sometimes joins him in videos, reminds me of an even more girly version of Jennifer Connolly--she's very pretty. Wayne has a great sense of humor and comes off as a genuine person.
  • LisaEldridgedotcom - is a makeup artist to the stars based out of London. She travels all over the world for photo-shoots and has experience with a variety of styles, tricks and tips, and face/eye types. She herself has oily skin so it's a treat listening to someone review products with whom I can relate. Lisa's videos can range from technique, to tips and tricks, to actual video from one of her makeup jobs across the globe. Her expertise in makeup and skincare products, because of her extensive personal trial and travel, are really a top reason to watch her. I love those videos when she puts on a look because she's going out to a special event. She covers all the basics. Lisa is a very professional makeup artist.
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