Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Travel Essentials

Depending on your location, Spring time can feature rain, chilly weather, wind, and other precipitation. In my neck of the woods, we experience all those weather patterns in the same day! Therefore, while traveling it's important to pack solid standbys that can help keep you look updated and keep your skin in top condition.

Here's some essentials I recently threw together for my own travel kit:

  • gentle cleanser (I use CeraVe foaming)
  • day to night moisturizer (I use CeraVe moisture lotion)
  • a good primer for your skin type (Clarins makes a great one, but so do brands like Neutrogena)
  • a good foundation for your skin type (I like Revlon's ColorLast cream)
  • blush to help keep your cheeks rosy past late hours and long flights/travel (Benefit's fine-one-one is great)
  • some powder or blotting papers to put the kabosh on oilies (I like Neutrogena)
  • a salmon hued concealer to hide undereye effects of late nights and early mornings (Maybelline DreamLumi in radiant works for me)
  • a very large water bottle continuously refilled with potable water (Rubbermaid makes a great, no leak one!)
When traveling, I personally try to keep my kit to the bare minimum so it fits in that (in)famous quart baggie.

Color cosmetics can help add a little trend to your classic standbys. It's a good idea to check out the cosmetic counters prior to a trip to 1) stock up on any essentials you're running out of, and 2) so you can see what colors you need to keep your look up to date. You might need to invest in a couple of items that can be added to your long-term collection.

As an example of trends for this spring, I'm seeing (Bazaar's The Best Makeup Looks From Spring 2013 Fashion Week) a lot of peaches, pinks, fuchsia  indigo, green/teal, light turquoise, and orangey/poppy reds. 

The reds, pinks, peaches, and orange can be great colors to play around with on the lips and nails--usually  products that are plentiful and economical, to add that extra oomph to your look.

Meanwhile, gold, peach, and pink can be great for eyes and most everyone already has these colors at hand. Speaking of hand, peach and pink are lovely manicure colors since they don't show chipping as much as darker colors.

Indigo, green, and turquoise can be fun accents on the eyes--eyeliners, outer corner shadow, or deep blue mascara.

Don't forget to use accessories to your advantage when you don't  want to try an unusually bright makeup look. Accessories take up little room when packing and can make a huge difference with your look when traveling. A simple, easy-to-pack wardrobe for your carry-on can go a long way when adding some bright scarves, bangles, and earrings. Statement necklaces are still in, too.

Scarves can become a blankie, keep your neck and shoulders warm so you don't get an ache, and be bunched up to make a pillow to take a nap. They also add a great extra dimension to your look without having to go all out with accessories. They're very versatile depending on how you tie them.

I am planning on using an indigo and teal/turquoise themed wardrobe on my next short trip. I don't have that many accessories in that color scheme, but it's not a problem because I like to let the bright colors of the clothes I wear speak for themselves. My look otherwise can stay relatively simple--a.k.a. less to pack! Besides, with less accessories, I won't have to worry about making the security sensor beep while I go through it!

Wherever you travel to this spring, may your luggage be light and may good times follow! Cheers!
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