Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Seasonal Style for Fall

Not only does our skin typically change a little as we move from hot, sunny summer to cooler, perhaps watery, autumn, but we also need to keep in mind the colors and looks that are most fashionable this season! It's difficult being a gal I tell ya!

What I'm doing lately is looking at a lot of websites, blogs, and window shopping as my sources of inspiration for colors, styles, and looks.

I'm also trying to switch my skin-care and makeup products are little, where there's some wiggle room, to see if I can optimize how my skin and makeup look this season.

I'm changing my moisturizer to a CeraVe cream instead of a lotion, which is more intensely moisturizing. The particular product has a little dimethicone, so I'm keeping an eye out for any impromptu breakouts (I usually break out a lot after using silicone based skin products). *crosses fingers*

I'm also changing up my eye look to a thicker pencil eyeliner, a clump free Cover Girl mascara, and a mix of sheeny bronze and deeper gold shadows (no sparkles please). I really like the foil like look of those colors, and I think they go well with my coloring. The key for me is perfecting the darker color detail (perhaps a burgundy or aubergine) in the outer corner, as well as blending the outside well into the brow bone's highlighter.

I really like mixing neutrals in my apparel with a pop of color. Some of my favorite looks are a short dress with thick leggings in a similar or monochromatic color. I really like wearing one bright piece every day like in bright blue, hot pink, or lime green. I always mix in more muted or neutral apparel pieces and accessories. A bright coral with brown is lovely. I like the juxtaposition and calming effect of the hot pop and the neutral complements. Lucky for me, I'm detecting a lot of bright blue, brown, leather accents, and animal patterns this autumn. All things that I really like!

Can't wait to play around with my closet standbys to create some fun combinations. I did add three pairs of slacks and a few cardis just for good measure. They make great workwear separates and can help out more casual outfits have a little extra style.
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