Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Getting to Know: Benefit


Famous for:
Benetint, candystore-like shops, variety of concealers, cute product names, facial feature enhancement products, she laq

Lines and price points:
Medium-affordable, with added in-store services are available such as lash tinting and brow waxing

Concealer -- boiing, lemon aid, eye bright, get even, galactic shield, it stick, you're bluffing, lyin eyes, play sticks, some kinda gorgeous
Foundation -- some kinda gorgeous, that gal, dr feelgood, you rebel lite, get even, bluff dust, you rebel, non fiction, play sticks
Cheeks -- 10 dual highligther and contour, dallas bronzer/contour, dandelion, benetint, thrrrob, high beam, that gal, Georgia, rush hour, hoola, moon beam, hollywood glo, glamazon
Eyes -- eye con, lemon aid, bad gal lash, ooh la lift, de-puffing eye action gel, high brow, get bent lash, mr frosty, gilded, bad gal eye pencil, f y eye, speed brow, brow zings, babe cake, eye sketching pencils, show offs, silky matte powder eye, lyin eyes
Lips -- benetint, pocket pal, cupid's bow, dfiner dliner, rush hour, miss popularity, 24k sexy gold lipgloss, gilded, lip plump, california kissin, lipscription, silky finish lipstick, benetint lipbalm, the gloss, pink to please a to get the guy, smoooch, her glossiness, color plump, lip sketching pencil, big magic
Palettes -- realness of concealness, color pop, big beautiful eyes, justine case, 10 palette, valley of the stars, pink to please a to ge the guy, she laq
Shimmer -- high beam, miss popularity, moon beam, hollywood glo body lustre, hollywoodglo, kitten trio, kitten classic, kitten goes to paris, sho offs
Brushes -- foundation brush, talent brush, concealer brush, slant brush, get bent brush, bluff puff, fantail brush, hard angle brush, fluff brush

Blushes can be gritty, brushes in blush cubes are very rough goat hair, brush in brow zings must be washed after every use.
Good packaging, good branding, good retail locations, well-trained staff

Products Owned/Tried:
Big Beautiful Eyes -- very rough texture, shimmery, and not very pigmented
Brow Zings -- the dark kit was suggested to me and was too dark
Eye Sketching Pencil -- Royale, Stainless, Tuxedo (not long-lasting, a little itchy)
the talent brush
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