Thursday, January 24, 2008

Review: Shiseido Eye Makeup Quad and Eyeliner

There's a theory out there in makeup color coordination that says that purples, berries, and lavender tones suit green eyes the best for that extra special pop! everyone's always looking for.

In my case, my greens are more of a mediterranean, gold flecked, and warm tone which, in conjunction with my yellow and peach based skintone make some purples and browns look like bruises and not eye definition. But that's another story that's best suited to a link to a YouTube guru's review of the color theory and the use of the color wheel in makeup application.

In my never-ending search for a quality shadow that's not Bare Escentuals (though I do love them best, even above MAC) and that is berry or lavender toned...I recently went to my nearby Shiseido boutique to peruse their gorgeous wares. The ladies are always so decorous and courteous that I love to visit every now and again.

I purchased the Silky Eye Shadow Quad in Dusk to Dawn (pink, lavender, light grey, smoky charcoal) and their new Accentuating Cream Liner in 1 (black).

The eyeshadows in the quad are silky and powdery soft, average-pigmented, but a show up chalky on my lids. I previously used a MAC paint pot and it didn't do much good. I went bare and it didn't help at all. For my next application I'm going to try a new Bare Escentuals eye primer.

The Accentuating Cream Liner is just like a MAC fluidline, but the brush that accompanies this little black cream pot is a nightmare to use since it's very petite for my hand size. In addition I found it especially tough to clean well. For ease of maintaining my sanity I switched to my trusty 266 MAC brush and although I'm no cream or liquid liner expert, it worked quite well, with average to good staying power on my oily lids, especially after tapping matching eyeshadow on top for a more longer lasting look.

All around I'm very happy with my Shiseido purchases, if only I can get the pink and lavender shadows to work a little better for me. The eyeliner is equivalent to MAC's fluidline in the coverage, consistency, use, and lack of itchiness on my lids and waterlines. I'm not sure if the price point is also similar.
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