Monday, February 18, 2008

Review: Joey New York Pure Pores Cleansing Gel With Vitamin C

This product comes from Joey New York's Pure Pore Technology line which promises wonderful results from its salicylic and lactic acid combinations. The cleanser also features sparse mini-jojoba beads to create a pleasant and very light scrubbing sensation. It's a light, milky gel that smells like yogurt. This is one of those cleansers you want to take some leisurly time with, and use small circular movements all over the face (avoiding eyes).

What first attracted me to this product is that I was looking for a good "chemical" exfoliator cleanser that wasn't too harsh and that wasn't a scrub--to alternate with my regular cleanser to get rid of some surface dry flakes and congestion, due to the harsh Chicagoland winter.

So far I've used this for under five days so it's too early to have an informed opinion. However, I have noticed some reduction in the flakiness, and softening of some minor acne spots that were popping up.

It was around$28 + tax at my local Bath and Body Works store.
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