Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kerastase Hair Care and Styling

I became acquainted with the Kerastase haircare line (a L'Oreal company) a couple of years ago, when I used to visit Zano salon in downtown Naperville for my haircuts and color. The stylist and the salon were excellent, and the only reason why I left is that I needed a change of scenery--which was closer and more convenient to my workplace.

I still go to the salon to purchase my Kerastase however. The line of products that I use are the Kerastase Oleo Curl. The deep conditioner and mist oleo curl are my favorite two products, even though I'm quite fond as well of the shampoo and creme.

I've not been as successful with the hair color care line, where I used the chroma riche shampoo and found it a bit too drying for some reason (strange, I know).

I am the proud owner this week of a little bottle of my very own Substance Constructive, which I hope will be my utopian leave-in treatment this spring. The quality is excellent as it does not leave any sense of greasyness or heaviness in the hair. They recommend you use a couple, hazelnut-sized squeezes and work it well through the hair. Then style as usual. It's been doing wonders for my ends, along with the Oleo Curl creme.

Here's to healthy spring locks!
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