Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yonka Skincare Line

My favorite esthetician and facial spa/salon use Yonka Paris products. Although pricey, these products have done nothing but good things for my congested and sensitive skin, be it in spring, summer, autumn, or winter. They boast natural ingredients which are carefully selected due to their non-irritating qualities (you can tell by the smell that these aren't doused in essential oils) and have a variety of products for a variety of concerns or uses--there are three major categories of products: face, body, and sun. Here is their website.

I've obtained samples of and/or purchased the following:
  • creme 15: purifies and soothes congested skin
  • pomplemousse: a lovely day cream with grapefruit (my fave!) essence
  • gommage 303: is a sticky peel that helps with exfoliation and brightening of the skin surface
  • gel nettoyant cleanser: is light blue and liquidy gel in consistency, cleanses well without leaving any residue or dryness
  • lotion: normal to oily suits me best, helps to tone the skin after cleansing
  • alpha contour: an eye gel that helps restore and prevent further aging of the delicate eye area
I'm very pleased with this line, and although a little too pricey for my budget right now, I do alternate these products/samples with my regular routine.
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