Thursday, April 16, 2009

L'Oreal Paris Everpure

L'Oreal Paris Everpure Line
Have you also heard or seen the commercials/ads for the new L'Oreal Paris Everpure line of sulfate-free hair products? I was intrigued but kept forgetting to check the line out during my occasional visits to the drugstores or Target (pronounced Targeee, vit ze French emphaseees dahling).

So I went looking for these products last night, when I felt a strong urge to try some new shampoo and conditioner. I rushed home to try them as soon as I had them in my little sweaty hands. I was very pleasantly surprised by the light minty aroma, particularly pleasing. Very subtle. Especially the conditioner. The products left my hair in better condition than how it was before I washed it (!). So I'm already quite pleased. It will be some time of use, however, that will help me determine the long-term potential.

As an aside, I was a under the impression that this line is just repackaging the Kevin Paves line of products that came out a couple of years ago, for some reason that I can't put my finger's weird. There's no proof after a cursory search online, but I can't shake the feelin'.

Yet Another Shampoo/Conditioner set? Why oh Why?!
Well, my dry and drying hair has not been reacting well to two new Aveda hair products that I purchased recently. These were selected to replace my Kerastase curl spray which is too small for the price. It seems that a lot of the natural oils in the products are depositing on my dry hair and creating an oily, slick but unruly look, rather than the nice waves and curls I was looking for originally. And since the Goldwell (white creamy shampoo) and Kerastase (clear tinted shampoo) shampoo/conditioner have proven to either add oil or take too much out of my hair...I've banished them to the significant-other pile of items for use in the shower.

Mousse, but no chocolate
Yesterday, again, a little exasperated at my dry-ish, un-wavy hair of late... saw me going to Sally's Beauty supply store and asking for some light styling products that would work with wavy/curly hair that's been highlighted. The attendant suggested the Coloresse Shaping Mousse, which is based off of the more expensive Pureology line. I was a little bleh on mousse after years in the 80s and 90s suffering from crunchy hair syndrome (particularly from Studio Line products DOUBLE BLEH!).

After I washed my hair with my new-found L'Oreal shamp/cond duo, I liberally applied the mousse and scrunched, and left the hair to airdry as I went about some evening errands. Well, I was quite pleased with the texture, and the smell of bananas reminded me of either bananas foster or a banana split ^_^ Post-dry it was not in the least bit sticky nor overly crunchy. But as I've found in the last couple of years, it's best to follow up mousse or spray gel application with some light scrunching and finger de-tangling to reduce any hair clumping or overly crunchy areas. So far so good, we'll see what the end of the day brings and how the styling and buildup look after a couple uses.

Last Lesson
I will not use permanent hair color or highlights again if my goal is to maintain healthy, wavy/curly, bouncy hair. I will write this out 100 times somewhere...and hopefully remember it from now on.
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