Sunday, May 17, 2009

Review: Clinique Facial Soap for Oily Skin

I've been trying to find a cost-effective but high-quality replacement for my Bioelements Decongestant Cleanser--my holy grail of cleansers. But because it is tough to order it online with free shipping (it's about 6 oz at $28 plus S&H usually), or else, go to a local salon and's vital for me to find a good fill-in product.

Enter Clinique's facial soap for oily skin.

The product is dispensed in a tallish, 6.7 oz cylinder, with pump-action dispenser. It's a gel and it foams up very, very well so only a small pump-ful is actually required. This retails at around $15 and is an excellent candidate for my oilier combination skin.

I've only begun using it, but I noticed that although it has a light minty smell as it foams up, it has not irritated my eyes yet.

In the running but quickly dismissed was Purity by Philosophy, but I thought the price was outrageous for both the foaming version and the liquid creamy version, plus the warning was written on both bottles to keep the product away from the eyes (!). I am always resentful of face washes that recommend keeping it away from the eye area. What a rip-off!

So here's hoping this one turns out a winner, will keep you posted!
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