Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Hair

I've been experiencing very good results using L'Oreal's everpure volumizing shampoo and conditioner for the past several months. So much so, that I've turned my nose up at the very expensive Kerastase and Ouidad products of yore.

I recently went to get highlights and a haircut at a new salon, where the owner not only had curly hair himself, but he did a fantastic job with my unruly waves. I've definitely found an excellent salon and a trustworthy person, and I'm planning on putting my hair in his hands from now on. Hurray!

This salon uses Aveda products almost exclusively, and I was surprised not only by the quality and length of time the color is lasting, but also that the products I'm now using form their Curly line are actually doing a fantastic job. The Aveda products I'm using are Aveda's Madder Root conditioner, Be Curly curl control (on no-shampoo days), and a mix of Be Curly curl enhancer and Confixor (on shampoo days).

Some tricks the stylist/owner suggested I try:
  • use more enhancer for definition or more confixor for hold
  • split the hair product mix in half and use a little at a time, versus overwhelming the curl with too much product all at once
  • Distribute very well!
  • hit the curls with a diffuser for a few minuts as you scrunch and then end with a cool blast -- helps to retain shape longer, particularly to usually flat root area
All around, good advice, great service, and happy summer curls!
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