Sunday, September 6, 2009


I'm a strong believer in periodic facials to help usher skin from season to season, and to address any current particular concerns.

I recently tried a new salon for a facial, because they solely use Aveda products, and I wanted to see how different the results would be from my usual facialist, who uses Yonka products. Also, because I had tried them for other services and really liked the salon and the staff.

The entire experience was so soothing and relaxing--from a dimly lit, stone and wood decorated waiting room, to sipping a small cup of their famous comfort tea, to the post-facial small and private dressing/locker room--that I couldn't believe my luck. Of course, any such experience can come with a hefty price! However, my rationalization for purchasing any of the products the facialist recommended and that I liked, is that I have the Aveda Privilege rewards program card. Your purchases tally up to points worth coupons for discounts and free gifts.

The products did not have any negative effects either during or after use, which was wonderful--just as with the Yonka products. The facialist did a thorough walkthrough in the beginning about any concerns I had, and she revisited these as she had a chance to look at my skin and any conditions she could spot.

The best part, however, was the awesome neck and shoulder rub. That undid so many stress knots that I couldn't even begin to count, but that I certainly felt melting away. This facial ended up serving a multitude of purposes!

I did take up my facialist's recommendations for products, because I needed a scrub and a new moisturizer w SPF. The option of an exfoliating toner also popped up, and I took advantage of it. The use of an exfoliating toner makes it easier and guilt-free to skip the exfoliating masque that I love and which is sooo expensive!

All around, the location is very near my workplace so it's very convenient, their hours work with my after-work schedule, and I would definitely tap into them again for a facial and other services (like their manicures, pedicures, and hair services).
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