Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Boots' Sensitive Skincare

I remember a few media mavens in the beauty field going ga-ga when Boots was first announced to be coming to US shores via Target. I've been meaning to give the brand a run through and see whether any products could become part of my trusted standbys or great alternatives to other, more expensive items I'm trying to replace.

I have enjoyed the clear mascara, with excellent results for my eyebrows - and, obviously, lashes in a pinch.

Autumn is always a great time to reevaluate the skincare products one's been using. I recently took a minute out of my quick trip to the local Target (or Targee, with ze french inflection dahling) to look at the Boots skincare line. The sensitive skincare products serendipitously predominated the side of the aisle where I approached from.

After identifying what sort of products made up the product line, and reading the product descriptions for a few select items, I decided I wanted to try their: sensitive eye makeup remover, sensitive oil free moisturizer, and oil mattifying liquid.

The moisturizer is clean, doesn't leave a residue, and absorbs very nicely. The only drawback for some may be that it doesn't have a pump or other sort of dispenser: you just twist-open the top and squeeze or pour some product onto your hand.

The eye makeup remover was a little more emollient or oilier than I had anticipated, and required additional attention to make sure the residue was properly removed before applying foundation and makeup to the eye region. This can save me a step in eye cream however! So it's a welcome change. Let's see if it creates any clogs however.

The oil free/mattifying liquid caused me a little concern because the pump mechanism needed "unhooking" in order to begin squeezing down on it and dispense the contents. These sorts of dispensers always cause me trouble, but I'm sure that many others have many more efficient motor skills than I do on cold mornings.

The best part about these products is that I could not discern any aroma, and they are white. I enjoy products that are devoid of color and that are free of aromas and essential oils--as these tend to oversensitize some conditions such as dry skin, eczema, or rosacea.

I will give these products about a week's worth of time and update this post or create a new post where I can provide my updated opinion.
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