Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Facial Cleansing Update

I recently purchased a Clarisonic Mia facial cleansing tool. It's a sonic rotating brush cleansing tool that helps to gently dislodge impurities and exfoliate the skin while washing either at the sink or in the shower.

I purchased my Mia at Sephora.com because I had a ton of points I wanted to use up for free goodies. Otherwise, the Clarisonic website also has some freebies with purchases, which change throughout the year.

The first time I heard of this tool was at the Nordstrom Spa about three years ago, when I went for one of my facial peels. The esthetician recommended it highly, even for the sensitive skin of rosacea and acne sufferers. The tool she used for the cleansing portion of my treatment was actually the full-version, 2-speed Clarisonic Classic.

This company boasts the same sonic technology as that in high-end electric/battery toothbrushes and water pick products, targeting and dislodging plaque and bacteria under the gum line. These are very popular products for those with a higher level of discretionary income. So I was always reticent to purchase one of the toothbrushes or facial brushes. However, I identified the Mia product line as a lower-cost product that could give me the results I wanted without the capital investment. This is actually marketed as the portable, travel version since it's smaller.

I couldn't wait to try it as soon as I ordered it, much less when I saw the Sephora box waiting for me outside the front door. It works just fine as my main facial brush. I use a non-foaming, sensitive skin cleanser from MD Skincare--which was recommended to me by the esthetician, and which is quite pricey at $38 a pop!

My skin felt toned and clean, much like it used to be before I entered puberty! I used it again this morning and am noticing a difference in the texture of my skin. I will explore closely whether it helps with cell turnover/exfoliation since I'm suffering from some winter scaleys and a little redness around the nose/cheek area due to my outdoor winter dog walks. The tool is very gentle, I was impressed.

I may have to revisit my moisturizer choice, however, since I noticed the Boots sensitive skin moisturizer (which by the way it no longer on the Target website) stinging a little lately. The Clinique different moisturizing gel seems to be working fine, however, even in the eye area when I'm in a hurry and can't bother to softly and slowly apply an eye cream.

Here is a product tour video from the Clarisonic website to further explore their offerings, branding, and accessories.

Here's to good skin care experiments! ;o)
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