Thursday, April 15, 2010

Allergic Reactions

I oftentimes suffer from allergic reactions after an eyebrow wax at a different salon. I try out different salons, which opens up lots of possibilities and I learn about new services, products, and techniques...but the allergic reaction kind of spoils the post-experience glow.

I haven't been able to narrow down what exactly causes this rash of watery, white pimples all around my eyebrow area. I believe it's a combination of too-hot wax and talcum powder. I began avoiding talcum powder and corn starch in makeup and face products since the mid 2000s when I realized it caused allergy-related pimples and redness/irritation.

There is something to be said for finding a good esthetician and sticking with her/him. For one, you'd be sure what reaction your skin would or would not have after a treatment. Consistency is key.

Have you ever experienced an allergic reaction after a facial or other spa treatment? Did you complain?
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