Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bang, Bang!

I went for a botanical scalp and hair treatment (retail $50) at my local Aveda salon, Asha Salon and Spa, in Lombard IL...and ended up also getting some bangs put in.

My hair is thin to medium but there is a lot of it, and not having bangs creates some major confusion when I'm styling a la wash and go (which is 99% of the time). Further, my scalp was reacting to styling products and my hair color growing out a little, so it needed some serious reconditioning. I always rely on deep conditioning treatments, but the scalp should also be addressed. This was a great treatment which consisted of a series of two scalp massages with oil, warm towels, and shampooing after each oil massage. Very relaxing. All around it took 45 minutes for the treatment, and abut 15 minutes for the blowdry, and another five minutes for the bangs trim.

I'm very pleased with all the services at Asha, they're professionals all the way, and they did a great job with the treatment and the bangs--which took my chin length bangs to a lovely, side-swept bang that is quite versatile.

Have you relied on oil treatments or oil massage to restore your scalp after too many chemical/styling treatments? Ever gone back to bangs after growing them out?
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