Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Color-Treated Hair During Warmer Months

I recently had highlights put in again, as well as picked up the treadmill exercise routine. I now am washing my hair way too much as a consequence of the new exercise routine plus the hotter temperatures. This is causing some havoc on my mane. Not a good thing when you're trying to grow your hair!

Solutions abound. What to do first?

Shampoo and Conditioner
I am switching from a curly shampoo and conditioner duo from Aveda that has proven excellent, to instead something that's color-treatment safe. I am trying out Tresseme's shampoo and conditioner and have noticed the color staying truer versus becoming redder or faded. However, I don't think I've found my holy grail. I used to use Aveda's color-treated safe shampoo and conditioner and had great, consistent results.

Target has great Tresseme bundles and low prices, by the way, if you're interested in trying this brand out.

Styling Products
My new hairdresser at Amber Waves in Naperville, Britt, has recommended I become a devoted user of Bumble and Bumble's Tonic Lotion. The product is considered one of B&B's foundation products, and has a ton of great, natural ingredients such as tea tree oil. The trick behind this product is that you spray it everywhere on your head and comb or finger-comb it through to help fill in your hair's rough patches and porosity. This provides a stable starting platform for your styling. I like tea tree oil and this product eliminating tangles. Can't beat that!

My hair dresser also recommended B&B's straight to help smooth out a great blowout. I would like to try blowing out my hair and then using either the curling iron or flat iron to finish it, but I ran out of round brushes about two years ago when I gave up straightening my hair ^_^; So yesterday, on a traipse around Target, I found a tourmaline-enriched Goody's brand round brush I felt comfortable with to give this technique a whirl this weekend.

The other products I'm trying from the Bumble & Bumble line are styling lotion and styling creme. These help to style while combing, and leave hair feeling soft and shiny. The great thing about B&B products is that they're layerable (check out this video on the B&B website) and light enough and natural enough that they help rather than hurt the hair. Unless you gop tons of something on, you won't mess it up. Screw-up proof almost! Can't beat that, eh!

The B&B surf spray seemed like a great idea at first, especially since I got it in a neat little travel set at Trarget (with the seaweed shampoo and conditioner, and a small styling creme bottle) but I actually find it dries my hair a bit, making it unruly rather than wavy. So I've given it a rest. I think that it would be a great morning refresher when my hair's oilier though.

Because hot weather, humidity, and color-treated, wavy/curly hair are just a recipe for disaster, I'm practicing my cocktail mix of Aveda Confixor and Ouidad Climate Control with the various B&B products to help keep some sort of semblance of a hair style on during the day.

I've just about given up having perfectly straight hair because even when the hairdresser does her utmost, the ends end up curling about a quarter hour after I leave the premises. And it's always easier to work with than against hair (no I'm not trying to be lazy). Most of all, I like having messy hair. I think it is artsy in some sort of way, and it's my own, countercultural way to not conform to how everyone else is doing their hair of late. I hate conformists! mwahahaha

Diet and Health

So I started my treadmill routine back up because I really can't stand not fitting into my clothes anymore, and I need to look more well-maintained if my hair's looking a tad messy. It balances it all out you see ^_^

Eating more fish, salad, and fruit is also helping, as I notice my hair growth and health improving weekly.

How do you help your color or otherwise treated hair withstand your busy schedule during the hotter summer months?
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