Friday, June 4, 2010

It's a Product Bonanza!

I recently bought a new, Bumble & Bumble travel set. Not the usual with the seaweed shampoo, but the one with the coconut shampoo (and the usual styling lotion and creme)--which natch, is a little pricier. I must say the shampoo smells lovely for summer, though I think it's meant to moisturize--which is fine because my hair's gone dry with all the hair color and highlights.

Did I mention I applied some semipermanent haircolor by Natural Instincts (from their recent rich color creme line, my all-time fave)? The reason is that as the color my hair stylist applied with the highlights is wearing off with each shampoo (or just rinse and condition every other day), the color's become lighter all-around. I really don't like lighter hair on me because it gives me a washed-out look. So I added a medium brown that still allows the highlights to show through for a summer-ready look.

I was traipseing at Target the other weekend, and found a bottle of my old Tresemme standby, smooth and silky shampoo, with an orange-red clearance sticker for $3, so I couldn't pass it up! It came bundled with mini-me versions of shampoo and conditioner. Score! I really don't like the color protecting shampoo I've been trying out from Tresemme, even though I've give it only three shampoos over two weeks as a try (in-between other products). It doesn't seem to be reacting well with my natural wave.

I've also purchased new Clinique products to help with some skin issues I've noticed lately, namely, oiliness and flakiness. I think it's due to the Peter Thomas Roth salicylic acid products to combat some hormonal acne I've encountered of late. I will be going lighter on the PTR products to allow some correction and rebalancing to take place.

So the Clinique bounty includes: 7-day scrub rinse-off formula (no menthol here!), almost makeup to take the place of my spf 25 citi block sheer, and the turnaround concentrate (to help with cell turnover and skin health/glow).

I will also need to look for a more economical replacement to my MD Skincare all in one cleanser with toner (it looks like they changed the bottle design and price!), because it's running out and I'm tired of shelling out $38 plus S&H each time. It's ridiculous and I refuse to keep paying this much for a good cleanser.

I have a sample size of Clarisonic's cleanser, which came with the Mia I bought earlier this year, but that's also running out--it smells like cucumber I love it but I don't think it's doing a good job helping me clean my pores out after a hard, long day. Try it out though if you are looking for a solid, gentle cleanser.

On my to-do list is to look up replacement suggestions for the MD Skincare product either on Makeup Alley or on Google in general, and then if I don't find something I like, just look up other cleanser solutions on Makeup Alley--they're a great resource.

Do you also find that you need to switch some of your products more than you anticipated as the seasons change?
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