Saturday, June 19, 2010

Did You Know? Sephora Behind the Brand

Whenever I hear about or read about a great product from a line I've never heard before, I go to Sephora and check out the brand's "behind the brand" page. That has proved an invaluable resource of information--probably even better than a Google search or looking up the brand on Wiki.

What you do to search is you go to, then, under the right-hand side pull-down menu, you look up and select the brand you're interested in. You click on it. When the page opens, you select the box/image on the center-right that says "about the brand." And there you are! They even have other helpful links to the collection, how to get the look, and favorite product highlights.

I hope this helps ya out when you hear about a great new brand or product and you want to learn more.
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