Friday, June 18, 2010

Latest Stash: MAC Cosmetics

Retail Therapy has always stood by me even when my moods haven't! hehe

The latest stash is from MAC Cosmetics...I raided my local Macy's MAC counter last night for some very awesome, summer-worthy essentials. So here's the rundown, specs, why I got them, and hopefully this info can help you.

My goal going to the MAC counter was to obtain some lip and cheek colors in the pink or peach nudes/naturals scheme so that I could create a light, healthy flushed look for summer. My skin has both yellow and pink undertones, therefore light neutrals and nudes (not purple based) work the best on my skin. I usually go a little more intense with the eye area, so I need to go softer in the other areas to help bring the look together without looking aged or overdone. OK, without further ado, here's the stash:

  • MAC Cleanse Off Oil: this is a non-mineral oil makeup remover (naturally based on olive and other oils) that's used dry (dry hands and dry face a must!) to help lubricate and dislodge makeup and other sediment on your skin and inside your pores. After a lesurely massage with this product using only the soft pads of your fingers, you take either a wet washcloth or medium-warm running water and wipe/rinse the product and sediment away. I was shocked, shocked I tell ya, that this product came away perfectly easily and left no residue behind whatsoever. I was left agape at how nice my skin felt after use. They say this product is perfectly safe for oily skins, particularly in the summer, because it helps maintain the moisture barrier while helping dislodge clog-inducing nasties. I used my Kiehl's non-detergent foaming face cleanser afterwards just to make sure I got my double-cleaning done last night, and it was a dream.
  • MAC eyeshadow in espresso (matte): I have been experiencing some odd eyebrow issues lately, mostly attributed to the high humidity because they've turned a bit unruly in-between waxings/shapings. So what I've decided is to try powder eyeshadow to help give them a little additional shape and dimension. The MAC specialist who helped me (Niki at Macy's in Westfield Fox Valley, she's awesome!) suggested that the eyeshadow, especially this color, would help match perfectly well with my eyebrows and hair color while adding a little more fill where needed. The trick is to use a very thin, angled brush and very light, easy strokes. Now my eyebrows look just like they were tinted, except for a fraction of the cost and much less hassle!
  • MAC eyeshadow in naked lunch (frost): I must admit, ever since I heard this eyeshadow name, I've been curious to check it out. I was a big fan in the 90s of the movie of the same name, and the extensive use this color gets on YouTube tutorials speaks very highly for its adaptabiity and practicality. I was putting off getting this color, however, until I ran out of my vanilla sugar Bare Escentuals eyeshadow--but I thought what the heck and got it last night. I'm glad I did! It's much less yellow than vanilla sugar and it's my new favorite base and highlight color! It's the perfect color to brighten your eye area without seeming obvious. It works excellently for a simple, pinup look with thicker eyeliner, or just as a brow bone enhancer. It's also perfect for tear duct highlighting. You should definitely check it out.
  • MAC mineralize blush in dainty: surprisingly, this is one of the very few blushes out there that doesn't make me breakout in little white, watery bumps. It must not have talc, just as the mineralize powder doesn't! I already have been using (for what seems like ages) the gleeful color, and it's a bright splash of color that can be layered on for impact or layered softly for a flushed look. Dainty is the softer sister of gleeful. It's a soft, natural and very layerable color that I think may very well be my new holy grail blush product.
  • MAC tinted lip conditioner in petting pink: I've heard often of this product line in a number of reviews, skin/makeup tutorials and YouTube videos. So after hearing about it again recently, I decided to check it out. I expected something of a cross between petroleum jelly and candy-cloying-sweet smell or colors. Actually, what I found, was a very layerable, delicate product that provides just a slight tint while the moisturizer absorbs. I think this is an excellent color because it's soft but layerable, and creates a perfect foundation for morning skin while you wait for everything to absorb and later put some gloss or other lip products to finish your look. However, this is amazing on its own as well, the moisturizing quality and the light color (depending on application and layers) can be perfectly presentable on its own as well. Imagine simple and easy such as in a great simple and clean look to go to the farmer's market, the vet, or breakfast out on a Saturday morning.
I urge you to check these items out and find comparable duplicates as well in other lines. I'm seeing a lot of simple, natural, nudey pinks and peaches looks for this summer (along with a healthy bronze glow--so no more orangey skin y'all!), and I decided to check it out and get partially on the bandwagon. Hope this info and my experiences are useful to ya!

Njoy summer!
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