Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rediscovering: Laura Mercier

Today, my lunch break was intended to get a bite to eat at Yorktown's Mexican fast food restaurant in the food court and maybe take a look at some wallets at Von Maur.

What actually happened is that I made a bee-line in Von Maur to Laura Mercier. The makeup area had been revamped in the latest reconstruction that's been taking over a month. I hadn't checked out the product line in a good long while and wanted to get reacquainted. I was not disappointed!

I first glanced the perfume line, which was several bottles larger than I last remember it in 2008-2009. I sniffed all the offerings and returned to take a second whiff of Neroli. I fell in love at second sniff! Although the lovely and very helpful attendant was pushing the almond coconut perfume--which I recall as well as the lovely creme brule--saying it is lovely for summer, I just couldn't shake the Neroli. It's extremely reminiscent of my Junes in Genoa, where the pitósforo blossom aroma pervades your hot days and breezy evenings. It's also got a lovely citrus underlayer that picks up the floral so it's not cloying--perfume description per the website:
  • orange bigarade, lemon peel and freesia
  • Heart of the fragrance contains notes of neroli, fresh jasmine and peony
  • Dry down with musk, amber, sandalwood and vanilla
I put some on my wrist and waved at it to see what layers it had. I always hate it when something smells spectacular in the bottle, very nice on a paper strip, and terrible once on my wrist. This perfume actually stood its ground and the layers are all very true to the original, in-bottle scent. My chemistry seems to be working well with this one! Win!

I also wanted to take a look at the growing LM makeup line. I don't recall such a large display years ago.

I took a look at the lip glosses since I'm in need to replace my trusty Aveda raspberry tea lip glaze, and realized that Laura Mercier's rose flush lip plumper lip gloss. It's one of the stickier lip glosses (not stickiest mind you!), but I would urge you--if you're trying to find a nudey-pink lip color--to try some with a cotton tip on your hand before you discount it right off the bat.

They still have the classic primer and tinted moisturizer that are famous, but also some lovely summer-themed bronzed beachgoer items they're featuring this summer. I was going to ask the attendant whether any of their powder makeup is talc free, but I didn't have the heart to put her through the ringer like that--and besides, I was on my lunch hour and need to get back!

This was an awesome reacquainting experience with LM's line of wonderful products. I missed you LM!
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