Saturday, June 12, 2010

Of Skincare and Other Wars

So I was still looking for a new facial cleanser when I did some research two weeks ago and came to the conclusion I needed to check out the Olay Regenerist Regenerating Cream Cleanser.

The Olay website's personal skincare consultation is a quiz that helps you get some idea of what skincare concerns you have and spell out what Olay solutions match your needs.

So back to the regenerist cleanser. It's a cleanser recommended for skin that needs a little help with mechanical exfoliation and cell turnover (like mine!). It is creamy and has little blue beads that help with the exfoliation--though by no means is this considered a full-on scrub.

I initially liked the creamy feeling and rinse-off sensation of clean and well-protected skin. Then realized the residue is the type that breaks havoc on my skin because it makes it oilier and can clog the pores throughout the day. Ugh. My chin breakouts can attest to this last sentence.

I am still on the last drops of my MD Skincare all-in-one cleanser with toner. So I urgently need to find the next best thing. I did additional research on YouTube and MakeupAlley. I decided to check out Kiehl's since I hear so many great raves.

From the website I learned they've been in business a really long time, and they have neat little videos on the website and on YouTube to help familiarize folks to their products and use. I love the hair care videos but I'm not ready to try out their hair care line.

So this line's actually less expensive than I previously assumed it was. I decided I would stop by my local Nordstrom's as soon as possible to check out the line, and hopefully, get some help from one of the ladies there. I did so Wednesday evening on my way home from the airport. I spent some good 15 minutes of uninterrupted quality time with the Kiehl facial care product bottle labels. Then a helpful gal stopped by from another area to ask if she could help. I asked her opinion and we chatted about the line in general. She had amazing skin and Lady GaGa style makup. That was the shiniest cherry-red pout I've seen in my life. Shinier than a new Ferrari.

It looks like I may have opened my eyes to a very good product line here. They recommend a three-step cleansing regime like most companies do. So I did go ahead and fall for the three products line, but it's all good. I got the three products I was most impressed with: the foaming non-detergent washable cleanser (respects skin's moisture barrier while cleaning out stuff from the pores), the ultra facial moisturizer (good and gentle for all skin types), and the rare earth pore defining tonic (Amazon white clay to help mattify).

You only need a teeny, wasabi-pea-sized drop of the cleanser and it foams up very well, and it rinses off even better. The skin is left soft and supple, not dry or coated. The rare earth pore tonic seems to be alcohol based, but leaves the skin matte and not tight. The moisturizer seems like it's absorbing really, really well.

All around, I've noticed my skin adapting well this past week. The skin's moisture level's gone up and the oilies are negotiating to taper out a little--even though it's been spectacularly humid lately. I am still using a t-zone mattifier (Korres or Clinique) and extra powder on the T-zone to help stay as un-shiny as possible during work hours.

The cleanser I bought was the 16.9 oz size one, because I couldn't immediately find a smaller size in the display. However, I've no doubts this is a solid cleanser and I'm not disappointed. At $26.50 plus tax, it's WAY cheaper than my MD Skincare all-in-one ($38 + tax w free shipping, or thereabouts + shipping&handling and tax).

Here's crossing our fingers!
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