Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beauty Tricks to Master

Great little article on MORE magazine's website today, about the top beauty tricks that are worth mastering.

Some of the items that jumped out at me:
  • switch to a sheer foundation - I've always felt lighter products make life easier on your skin!
  • 2 layers of moisturizer - I thought I was doing a fix-up job in a hurry whenever I applied moisturizer on top of foundation LOL but this can have a shiny side effect if you have oily skin tendencies--I've been there!
  • kiss dark lipstick goodbye - it makes it easier on you to have to touch up less often, and your look will be put-together even when you're eating or drinking your lippy away.
  • raise your brows for photos - good...and bad, if you end up looking surprised...
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