Friday, August 20, 2010

Exercising in Style

I've tested out a couple of running shorts, you know the kind, the ones with the little underwear panty inside. Both Nike and Puma make great ones.

But what about sports bras? These are more of an essential than a "would like"--as any woman who exercises in anything remotely similar to a routine can tell you.

I've paid up to $60-70 for a sports bra that ended up being donated to Goodwill because I didn't like what it did or didn't do. I now resort to loose Hanes Her Way sports bras (from Target, in a generic size since there's no cup #s) as an underpinning for layering with sundresses and other, skin-bearing summer staples.

I had a good chuckle at a blog post on FemThreads, titled "Someone Make Us A Good Sports Bra Already" which essentially spells out why today's two types of sports bras are anything but useful. According to the article, related discomfort and conditions caused by a lack of proper support during active physical exertion, include: "joint problems, muscle strains, and other stress-related injuries." Ouch.
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