Saturday, January 8, 2011

Facials Update

I recently went to my local Massage Envy to get a facial. I went to Massage Envy because they use Murad products, which have a good reputation for acne management, while being gentle. Murad products are not exorbitantly expensive either!

After using a too-emollient hair product on a recent  vacation, I've been left with comedone breakouts around the hairline and cheeks/ears. It's quite irritating to have to deal with these after such a long time of being without. Ugh!

I couldn't be happier with the results from my facial at Massage Envy, I've only been once before because I usually just get a massage once a month to help with my neck and back chiropractic treatments. Brittany was just lovely and she took a comprehensive history based on my file and my current concerns.

One of the things I mentioned and that you should think about when discussing your skin is whether it has areas that react differently (drier cheeks and oilier t-zone) and whether these differences persist or change through the seasons.

Another thing is to mention whether your skin is sensitive or reacts to particular treatments or products. How do you react to scrubs? Steam? Extractions? Chemical peeling agents? Aromatherapy oils/essences?

Finally, listen to what the esthetician recommends she do, because she knows what she's talking about! If you don't want to pay for a higher-price service, you can always decline and ask for a lower cost alternative. Selling up is not uncommon so be aware you may be offered something that might be pricier than what you asked for originally. Always ask if what is being suggested carries with it a higher price tag.

So this is what I told Brittany:

  • combination skin with drier cheeks and oily t-zone
  • breakouts around the hairline and cheeks area
  • reacts to scrubs and aromatherapy essences especially around the eyes (watering; fine white, watery pimples)
  • Explained what products I'm currently using and why

I left Massage Envy with properly managed and moisturized skin, and a great little cheat sheet of products that Brittany recommended for me:

  • sensitive, slightly dry skin that needs hydration, congested pores/breakouts
  • energizing pomegranate cleanser
  • moisture silk eye gel
  • t-zone pore refining gel
  • energizing pomegranate moisture SPF 15 and hydro dynamic ultimate moisture for the PM
  • acne spot treatment (which I bought)
  • sensitive skin soothing serum as needed
I really like the t-zone oil control mattifier, which I got at my last facial visit in early October. It's been a holy grail product to help keep skin unclogged and matte during even the longest days.

I think the next product I'll try is the t-zone pore refining gel, which I believe helps prevent congestion on those oilier areas such as the t-zone, chin, etc.

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