Thursday, January 20, 2011

When Stretch Can Only Go So Far

I was reading up on one of my my favorite work fashion and style blogs, when I must admit, I was left open-mouthed at the question they were addressing: weight gain and the professional wardrobe (When Should She Give Up and Buy A Larger Size?).

I really appreciated the open and non-judgemental approach the blogger used in answering the question. She gave very appropriate, short and long term answers. Watch your immediate intake, learn about shapes and cuts that flatter, and work in the little things that can salvage your existing clothes, before purchasing brand new, larger items.

My only problem with recommending Spanx is that I, myself, can't really fit into that type of product. I need to buy a larger size of even the mildest "massaging" pantyhose in order to just fit into it. And then it's torture. I don't believe that Spanx is always a solution, but a slinky, and tummy/butt/thigh-holding type of product can be very, very helpful in these sorts of emergencies. That fact can't be denied. And it's a great opportunity to objectively study and learn about the different types of undergarments available out there. Even if you don't decide to pick some up for yourself at this juncture.

I've been falling for this little stress trap myself, over the past several months. Clothes that were fine on me a month before the holidays had become completely unusable in the new year.

This stressed me out in all sorts of ways. What kind of crap had I been eating? Why did I stop watching my sodium? Why did I say yes to the dessert menu so many times? Why, Why, Why.

I'm not good with possible, hysteria-inducing situations, however, so I resolved to do three things:

  1. Purchase larger sized staples, even though going up one more size would leave me plainly in the middle of a limbo when you don't fit regular sizes and neither do you fit into plus sizes.
  2. Be more watchful of what I ate from that second forward, picking healthier fruits and vegetable options whenever available. Even if it's a side. And skipping the sugary coffee shop stuff, instead opting for loose leaf tea in a world of flavors that I steep myself.
  3. Also, stretch and walk as much as possible. Everywhere and anytime. Since I'm averse to the treadmill as a daily source of exercise, that's my only hope to stay mobile and flexible. However, I do realize the treadmill is the only, true way to keep healthy, so I have to reconsider it. Or at least my initial stubbornness to it.
I think that the most important thing to do at a time like this is to not lose one's patience, nor get stuck in a downward spiral. Stop it as it's just about to start.

Just look at it like an all-hands on deck emergency. There's no time for exclamation points. There's only possible solutions and suggestions, not added criticism and negativity. 

The fact is, weight gain is nothing to be stigmatized--and NOT unusual around the holiday time and as the new year kicks off. 

You can have an effect on specific areas that can lead into it, and if it's a medical issue, your regular checkups (make them regular if they're not) with your favorite medic should help rule out and/or treat any serious issues.

Above all, try hard to not be lazy with your mobility and exercise. We are always overworked, overstressed, and over-rat raced...but nothing should come in the way between you and your well-being. Nothing. It's a priority. Who wants to be down? Not us!

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