Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hair Smoothing, An Update

I heard in a matter of a couple of days, that both one of my favorite hair salons (Amber Waves, Naperville IL) and Ulta are both offering the Brocato hair smoothing treatment.

From what I hear, this treatment is a little different from the Brazilian Keratin straightening treatment, and costs a lot less though it's supposed to last just as long.

I read the description from Ulta and it looks like it's a "no formaldehyde" product. Though we already know that it's not always necessarily the case, the percentages are typically very low.

I'm getting this treatment at Amber soon and will have an update on how it turns out. I'm also planning on switching from the Pantene shampoo and conditioner I recently bought to my L'Oreal sulfate free line (I pretty much have half-empty bottles of the entire line in my bathroom cabinet) and then switch over to Bumble and Bumble's Mending shampoo and conditioner.

I will still use my Aveda smoothing line of styling products to treat the hair before blow drying, as these products help seal the cuticle and protect against the heat. 

I thought I could go on without the straightening treatment but my hair is way too thick and unruly when it's not treated. I've gotten tremendously spoiled by having easily blow-dried hair that stays straight, smooth, and shiny for three to four months!

I really can't believe I'm admitting to it, but it's true.
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