Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: Revlon Eyeliner and Mascara

As I was perusing eyeliners at Target, I realized I hadn't delved into Revlon in a while and should take a peek.

I found a great, thick eyeliner pencil to give a try, in a great smokey color. It's called the Revlon Luxurious Color Smoky Crayon in Steel Smoke.

The line the eyeliner provides out of the tube is great off the bat, and there's a sharpener in the handle to help keep it up to snuff. I've had the eyeliner on for about an hour or so and there's no itching of melting. Not bad.

I also gave a try to one of their new mascaras, the Revlon CustomEyes Mascara in Black. The draw for this product is the "customizable" brush. Essentially, there's a twisting mechanism in the applicator handle that allows you to move the silicone bristles for either drama or lengthening effect.

The color applied well, without being goopy, overly wet, or flakey. I've not noticed the mascara after I applied it, unless I look in the mirror and notice some very noticeable, well-separated lashes. Which is my dream come true.

I wonder how these two new finds will stand up to a full workday tomorrow. I can't wait to find out.
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