Friday, April 29, 2011

New Favorite Products

There are two products I've recently added to my regime that have made a big impact in the quality and tone of my skin:
  • Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Facial Cleansing Wipes (oil free) - they're $7.99 but I get them for less at either Wal-Mart or Target (this week they're $5.49-ish). These are GREAT for the drive home after a long day of makeup at work. I usually just pat with water and dry with a washcloth and off I go on whatever errand. I've not broken out ONCE using these wipes compared to many others I've tried in past years. Which is a miracle. I do wash my face with a proper facial wash twice a day, however, to make sure any residues are gone and there's a clean canvas for my treatments.
  • Murad Sleep Reform serum - this is a high acid content product which is to be used at night, under moisturizer. The first week I used it I peeled like I had a sunburn. I had no idea the dead skin on the surface of my face had gotten that unruly over the winter. And what a difference after. I don't break out anymore. This is a great equivalent product for Bioelements Kerafole, as both are quite pricey.
I really can't say enough about these two. Well, these and a monthly facial with a trusted, expert esthetician. Can't beat that combination.
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