Friday, April 29, 2011

The Pains of Growing Out a Haircut

I'm growing out my hair again. And because of this change of plan, my hair is sticking out in a strange fashion around my ears. My little crop of joy is now becoming a 60s mop nightmare.What to do when you're growing out your hair?

Most of the gals I hear complaints from, when they're growing their hair out, have to do with a bad cut, bangs, a hair texture treatment, or just need to sit on your hands and not cut for a while.

There are a few things you can do to help the process along, and make the entire thing a little easier on you.

Take a big breath. Hold it. Now let it out. Realize you WILL face strange hair and bad hair days. There will probably be more days like this than days on which you'll love your hair.

Work out a psych plan, one where you promise yourself you won't freak out. No matter how the hair looks when you wake up each day.

Every morning, either wash your hair or develop a routine for prepping it into your preferred style. Stick to this routine, it'll save you thinking time when you're still waking up and are in a rush to get somewhere.

The tools of the trade that will help keep your sanity: bobby pins, dressed up bobby pins, hair scarves and headbands, and any other small accessories that will match with your day's schedule and tone. For example, butterfly barrettes at work? Not so much. Pearl tipped bobby pins? Much better.

Places like Claire's, Charming Charlie,and Sally Beauty Supply are perfect places to start.

If your bangs start getting in your eyes, use a hidden bobby pin to style and play with the bangs while everything grows out. Tried playing with the depth and direction of your part? This is a great time to practice. If you usually part down the middle, try one side or back. Ever tried to do a crown area poof? Try that now.

Don't always depend on hair product, as it's too easy to go overboard. Remember, when it comes to product, a little goes a long way. If you're already having a bad day, you don't want to add to it. Clean, simple hair is always better to work with. Besides, the last thing you need is to have to wash your hair over again.

Do some online surfing of various styles and hair parts. Check out what accessories are hot right now. Fashion's color and jewelry trends translate very well into hair accessories.

And please, whatever you do, don't keep checking your hair out on any available reflective surface. Or at least, do it while no one's looking ;o)Most of all, just take it in stride. This, like all crappy things in life, shall also pass.
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