Saturday, April 2, 2011

Putting Some Spring in my Bling

I've developed a soft spot for Betsey Johnson's jewelry designs. Earlier years would have found me scrunching my brow and tilting my head to the side, pondering what exactly her point was.

However, ever since I acquired three pieces earlier this year--only after pining after them for a couple of months!--I've developed a liking for her over-the-top yet feminine approach. Of course, in small tastes, as she can be overpowering!

Her bright colors, metal choices, designs, and over-the-top clusters help make statements one piece at a time.

Today, I was in search of floral earrings, and put on my tiny coral rose drop earrings. However, I was interested in a more Flamenco-ish red or cherry color. So I headed to Macys, where a very helpful attendant helped me locate some floral earrings on Betsey Johnson's vitrine.

I ended up purchasing some Georgia O'Keefe like pansy earrings (ER Pink Flower Studs), and gold-colored huge rose drop earrings, with a single rhinestone center (Iconic Gold Flower Drop Earrings). They're fun and really help punch up an outfit with enough personality.

I've been trying to make Spring comer sooner by thinking floral ;o)
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