Thursday, October 27, 2011

Buy: Clarks Shoes

This week has been rainy and cold. One day was 73F and sunny, but the rest have been barely touching 50F--quite the punishment and an early reminder of what's to come. Brr.

I wore heels on Monday to work, I think I started regretting it as I was getting into the car. But forged ahead. By the time I had walked to my chair and sat down, at the office, I realized the error of my ways. My feet ached and screeched to a halt whenever I tried not to trip every few steps. I went to JC Penney across the way, and immediately dived into the Clarks showcase. I bought a pair and haven't looked back since.

Photo borrowed from JCPenney, link on left.
These are my first ever pair of Clarks. The May Poppy leather slip-ons, as they're called, are spectacular. They were on sale for around $60 plus tax too.

My Poppies don't feel tight or vice-like such as other loafers make me feel. They also don't hurt or rub anywhere, pending my wearing my trouser socks. They make walking normally, well, normal. Plus I feel that the shiny surface helps repel the misty and soggy rain.

It has a high vamp, which is usually a problem for me, but they have enough give with the elastic sides that it's not an issue.

I remember a coworker from a few years ago, Chris, she pretty much only purchased Clark shoes and sandals, and no other brands. She used to get them at Kohls. I may have found a trusted brand for work-appropriate and walkable shoes. I now know why Chris was such a devoted customer to the brand.

This year, I've been all about finding long-lasting and walking-appropriate shoes that don't hurt. Ideally, they don't even feel like they're on. I've had success on three occasions, this Clarks purchase was one of them, and the other two purchases were Ariat and Arcopedico brands.

I'm looking forward to discovering new favorites in the months ahead--though, with the snow and harsh winter weather, I'm more likely to wear my leather snow boots to commute, and just keep a pair of work shoes at work to slip into once I arrive. Yeah. I kinda like that idea.

Hope your footsteps are comfortable and stylish ones.

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