Saturday, October 8, 2011

Learn: Pandora Jewelry

I bought a faux Pandora bracelet very early this year, at a Charming Charlie's. It became a staple in my multiple bracelet look this year.

Sadly, the faux silver finish degraded to a pinkish, peeled sheen. It was time for a replacement. Enter the real Pandora bracelet.

I decided two weeks ago that I needed to visit the Pandora jewelry website and learn more about the fascinating world of lovely charms and bracelets. A friend of mine had showed me hers earlier this summer, and I was fascinated by the Pandora logo appearing seemingly at every one of my local jewelry stores.

I learned that Pandora doesn't stop at charms and bracelets. They also carry customizable watches, and lovely necklaces and earrings too! My friends...this is just how an addiction can start!

I decided to take advantage of the online bracelet design tool, and played around with a few options. The great thing about this design tool, is that you see how much things add up to without spending a cent. This allows you to stay within budget, or to create a fantastic dreamy design that you can aspire to.

I created a single leather bracelet with a couple of charms: an owl, a turtle, a flower bead. Then I proceeded to step into my local Pandora store, to see the items first-hand and in real time. I really liked them, so I ended up purchasing them! That's how easy it is. Yes it's now an official addiction LOL

Since my leather bracelet was such a hit, I got a silver bracelet and some more charms. Now each of my two bracelets has its own theme.

The leather bracelet has a flower clip, two different skinny flower separator beads, and a chubby flower bead.

The silver bracelet has a wavy design clip and my turtle (love turtles), owl (love owls), and a snake charm (my Chinese astrology sign).

Best of all, these fashionable charm bracelets remind me of the lovely fashionable jewelry one of my grandmothers used to get for me. Sadly, she passed on early this spring. But carrying the jewelry she gave me, and these two new bracelets make me feel like I'm carrying on a tradition she started for me.

My leather bracelet became unwoven at the clasp after just over a week of wear. The lovely people at my local Pandora store gave me a brand new leather bracelet free of charge and helped me place my old charms into my new strand. It looks perfect again.

I have a favorites list on Pandora's website now! This is definitely a budding addiction ;o) Pandora makes it easy to shop for all those hard-to-buy-for ladies in our life :o) You just keep adding on at each holiday. ;oD

I only focused on their silver products, because I'm a sterling silver fiend. However, Pandora features 14K gold plated pieces with real and semi-precious stones, as well as lovely Murano style glass and exotic wood beads. There's plenty of enamel as well. Really, you should take a look! It's all lovely. :o)
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