Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Purchase: Booties!

Clarks boots
photo borrowed from Polyvore
Although winter has come in earnest to my area, I decided to purchase a pair of booties that can accomodate skirts and tights a little better than my heartier full boots.

I love my longer boots, especially the furry ones with ties that help me survive feet of snow and ice. However, for the office, I find that a little balance between style, size, and grip help me to look pulled together.

I was perusing JC Penney's website and found a great little pair of booties, the Clarks Wish Mood Leather boots ($75). Here is the Clarks website link ($89.99). You can also find these boots on almost any shoe shopping website, varying prices and shipping rates apply.

There are several aspects that drew me to these particular booties:
  • Clarks, which means well built, comfortable, and will last some time.
  • leather, which means stretch to accommodate my curves and toes, and will also last a while with proper care.
  • design, the draped leather design is a little retro (80s) while reminiscent of art deco and art nouveau--or the classic Fiestaware rings, my favorite! The sturdy wedge and mini platform help keep each step well grounded on icy and snowy surfaces.
  • size, they had my size. Believe it or not, that's a huge deal when you wear a size ten medium, and many tens are either too narrow or too tight in general.
  • price, you know you can always get a great discount at JC Penney with their receipt surveys, online codes, or flyer coupons.
  • these are booties rather than boots, so I don't need to go up to a size and a half bigger so my calves can fit.
I ordered them last week and got them just last night, so I'm still breaking them in. Right now I notice that the front/top part is a little tight on me when I'm driving--my right foot is always a little thicker set than my left one. But the leather is flexible enough to provide a little needed give when I move my ankles sitting ,driving, or walking, so there aren't any sore spots on my feet and ankles just yet. Hopefully there won't be any!

So, I believe that after wearing these for a couple of days in a row, and driving in them, they'll gain enough stretch to accommodate each curve and toe a little better.

What do you look for when purchasing booties?

Clarks boots (see more clarks boots)
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