Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hair Recovery Care

Your hair and scalp can take a while to recover from chemical and color treatments. When you're detoxing, patience and a good care regimen are what are going to make a real difference.

Texture is going to slowly come back, making it difficult to maintain a sleek style. You may need to develop a way to adapt to your hair versus trying to get your hair to adapt to your preferred style.

Ever wonder why so many starlets sport bobs lately? Yep. They're trying to grow out a history of hair abuse! Keeping a shorter hair style and your ends trimmed on a six to eight week schedule (or sooner!) can make all the difference to growing out the old and abused and keeping in the new and improved.

It can feel like the hair is taking forever to recover. The texture is a hassle to deal with. Remember that the foundation to good and healthy hair is balancing shampoos and moisturizing routines with the right styling products. Sulfate free and silicone free will be better than "gentle" or "mild" formulas--always check the ingredients list.

Good luck with staying patient! Remember, the right routine is a journey not a destination ^^;
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