Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Purse n Bag Swapping

I've been going through a couple of bags in alternation lately. I can't seem to make up my mind whether I like a short, over the shoulder type or a slouchy grab and go bag. My main purpose is identifying the least possible weight to carry to not aggravate a recurring neck and shoulder problem.

I may just as well end up going back to crossbody designs which help mitigate weight by being small enough that not much fits.

I've also been revisiting my work bag. I've been alternating between my somewhat new Eastpak gray backback and a black leather bucket-style tote. The black leather tote and I have never been friends, especially after it lost me my camera in the X-ray machine during a transit at the Paris Airport (Aeroports de Paris CDG, vous suck!). C'est dommage. Definitely the last time I buy a non-zippable top workbag.

So yesterday, I was able to come to a great compromise. I decided to use the black tote to carry my yoga stuff to and from yoga class, instead of the Lululemon shopping bag I've been using since last spring. I think it's silly to carry a logoed bag everywhere if I don't support the company. No need to provide them the free advertising.

So last night, I had a yoga class and then followed by a mediation workshop where I tagged along my black bucket tote. It served its purpose perfectly. I may have found a happy ending there.

For work, I dusted off and brought out my zippable faux alligator Merona burgundy work bag. It's easy to carry with large handles that easily go up on a winter-coat padded shoulders. We may have found another happy ending here as well.

I've still to find a happy ending for my handbag scenario however. That's still a toss up.

I like when I get preoccupied with silly problems like these, because the real ones seem less ominous when they're lurking off in the shadows of the back burner.

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