Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Buy: Denim Jacket

I haven't owned a denim/jeans jacket in over a decade. It might even be fifteen years if not twenty. But I finally threw in the towel in and invested in one.

I figured I'd go to the Goodwill store and check whether they had any, but on a whim I went to the neary Eddie Bauer store on my workday lunch hour. Although they didn't have it they checked the store by our house and they held one for me that afternoon. Easy breezy! Just how I like it.

I loved the idea of having a jeans jacket for summer and into fall. To add to my wardrobe to dress down fancier clothes, or sassy-up casual clothes. It's just so versatile. Great with light scarves or chunky necklaces or large earrings for that feminine touch.

The jacket I purchased was the Eddie Bauer Classic Jean Jacket ($79.95) in ocean. Although it isn't exactly cheap, it's an investment piece I know will be with me for quite a while. The size ran a little small, especially since I plan on layering, so I went one size up.

I'm so enamored of the look and feel of this jacket. I've already worn it quite a few times since I bought it. It's just perfect for chilly air-conditioned hangouts this summer.

I can't imagine how I've been able to live without such a practical and fun piece for so long!
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