Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dana Buchman at Kohls

Today was a special discount day at Kohls so I stepped in to see if there were any last minute items I could grab to take to a conference I am working this weekend and into next week.

I happened on the Dana Buchman's line of apparel. There were work appropriate, casual, and night out kinds of pieces. The quality seemed nice, the tailoring adequate for the price. Several of the pieces in the line seemed to possibly color coordinate, if that particular location I was in had the inventory in my size/color selection.

I ended up getting a black and white houndstooth dress (a preternatural classic, the red was out in my size) and a camel surplice sweater. I see that online there are several more pieces in the collection, which I may want to look into.

If you're looking for career separates and suits, Kohls can be a great place to shop during sales. A large majority of their apparel lasts past the first washing/laundering--which, regrettably, is almost a godsend anymore.
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