Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Good Buy: Crepe Blouse

I don't know about you, but I HATE cotton blouses/shirts for work (or any time). I just feel constricted, restricted, and immensely uncomfortable.

I tried some wonderful, solid sateen (with Spandex) shirts from Kohl's 212 Collection last year, which were comfortable and looked ok at a conference I attended for a week, but then proceeded to become misshapen (boxier than when they went in) once laundered and were a big disappointment.

So I went back to an old standby, crepe blouses. I used to LOVE crepe blouses from Sears when I first started working full time in 2001. They are easy to wash and dry (wash quickly by hand with a gentle detergent or put in the washer in delicate setting, then to dry just hang them on a hanger and re-style so it dries unwrinkled).

However, finding crepe blouses at a good price point and which would provide me a good fit became a challenge. Before I was able to find any these days, I sure had to look around. Luckily Old Navy just started carrying a good selection for $19 a piece with their spring arrivals. I saw them on their website yesterday, and about an hour and a half later I was at my nearest shop buying three (pink, white, green). I may end up buying more.

The texture is soft as silk, the fabric is very thin and malleable under a variety of layers. The collar pops out and provides a polished look. The colors are soft and fit perfectly with the mint green and other pastels out there right now.

As an added bonus, these fold or roll incredibly small in luggage, so you can take them on a tripn then hang them on the back of the bathroom door while you shower so they de-wrinkle.

I consider crepe shirts very versatile wardrobe staples. I'm so glad to have found these particular ones at Old Navy--but I'll keep looking for additional ones now that the weather is warming up (or soon will be, supposedly!).

I couldn't help myself and I wore one already today, layered with a merino v-neck sweater and skinny twill pants in a rather chilly office. I still look polished while retaining mobility and comfort. I call that a win!

Now, for my next challenge, economical and good quality merino v-necks and cardis. Wish me luck!
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